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Getting diagnosed with macular degeneration results in making numerous adjustments and changes in your daily lifestyle as your eyes have difficulty seeing things clearly. Many day to day activities become hard to do due to your visual limitations, but thanks to the advancement in technologies, you can still enjoy things like driving, reading a book, or watching your favorites sports. Having macular degeneration poses a challenge for many when it comes to watching TV, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you not to enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies. Picking the right TV can be your first step towards a better viewing experience. Here we will look at the five best TVs you can buy for macular degeneration.

(1)   TCL 55 inch 4K Smart TV

TCL 55 inch 4K Smart TV is our choice for the best TV for macular degeneration. The TV comes with an LED screen which is 55 inches in size. With colossal screen size and low latency at 60 Hz, this TV is best suited for viewing from a close distance. Users have reported it to be super comfy even at a distance of 3 feet from the TV! The two feet on its edges make it easy to place it on a desk for viewers who prefer to watch their TV on a desk, which allows them to watch it closely. Being able to watch it from a close distance without putting strain on your eyes makes this the best TV for macular degeneration.

(2)   Samsung 43 inch 4K UHD TV

Another excellent TV for macular degeneration is the Samsung 43 inch 4K UHD TV. Users appreciate the size of the TV, which makes it suitable for placing it on the desk since it is the best way to watch TV if you have macular degeneration. It provides an excellent UHD picture with 4K for a clear viewing experience. Since it is also a smart TV, you can use other devices besides the remote to control it, making it a good choice for users with macular degeneration. The built-in YouTube app also lets you watch videos for a change.

(3)   Toshiba 50 inch Smart 4k UHD TV – Fire TV Edition

The Toshiba 50 inch Smart 4k TV is another great candidate for viewers with macular degeneration. The UHD 4K TV comes with a built-in Fire TV that enables you to download apps or download and watch any online content and the free included channels. Users reported excellent sound quality, which we think is very important as sounds play a significant role in understanding what is playing on TV. Users with macular degeneration tend to enjoy movies with more sounds and dialogues, making this TV a perfect fit.

(4)   LG 55 inch 4K Smart UHD TV

The LG 55 inch 4k Smart UHD TV has a bunch of built-in features which make it easy to use and enjoyable. The built-in Apple Airplay 2 lets you project content from your phone to your TV. This means you do not need to juggle around the remote buttons to change channels or look up the guide. This can be a considerable advantage if your macular degeneration is posing a challenge to you by limiting the visibility of small objects like remote control buttons. It also has a built-in Apple Homekit, which lets you control your smart home devices via your iPhone. Its Active HDR technology allows the TV to adjust the video frame by frame for optimal viewing experience.

(5)   Insignia 50 inch Smart 4K UHD TV – Fire TV Edition

The Insignia 50 inch Smart 4K UHD TV is a budget-friendly option for a large screen TV with many options like Alexa and Fire TV. Included Alexa means you can control many devices in your home which are compatible. The HDR compatibility allows you to watch movies in high definition, which may be necessary for viewers with limited vision. Users described the TV as having vibrant and vivid colors, which made their viewing experience enjoyable and satisfying. The size of the TV is also perfect for a desktop placement for near viewing.

These TVs were selected based on their picture quality, ease of watching from near, ease of controls, and the value that they provide. All these factors, when combined, make them the best TVs for people with macular degeneration.

Tips for watching TV with macular degeneration:

After thorough research, we found that users with macular degeneration have specific needs when coming to choosing the best TV. They preferred TVs with more giant screens which could easily be placed on desks. This helps them in watching TV at a close distance and allows them to get a clearer picture.

Another requirement for people with macular degeneration is to have a smart TV instead of a regular TV. This is due to the fact that smart TVs can be controlled by smartphones or via voice control, which is more accessible than using a remote control with buttons that are too nearby and hard to differentiate.

Choosing what to watch makes a huge difference if you have macular degeneration. Choose movies with lots of light and lesser dark scenes. Also, choosing a film with lots of dialogue will help you grasp the movie better rather than watching an action film with limited dialogue.

Using glasses to watch TV with macular degeneration:

If you do not prefer sitting near the TV but prefer watching it from a distance, there is another option that you can try, which is called TV glasses. These glasses are specially designed for people with macular degeneration so they can enjoy watching TV while the glasses magnify the image. Each glass can be adjusted according to your needs for a more precise TV viewing experience.

TV glasses are mainly used by people with macular degeneration who cannot usually watch TV from near due to headaches or personal preference. These glasses magnify the image on the TV and help the users not just to see the TV but even read from the TV.

Users with macular degeneration reported a tremendous amount of improvement from wearing these glasses while watching TV. Wearing these special glasses may work for some people; however, they may not work for some with a severe degree of macular degeneration. But it is worthwhile to give them a shot as most users of these glasses seemed satisfied with their purchase.


Currently there is no cure for Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and therapies such as anti-VEGF and special diet are used to prevent further loss of vision 1. However, no cure doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy entertainment like watching movies or sports. With the right TV and/or TV glasses, you can get a more immersive experience and reduce the effects of AMD. Choosing the perfect TV comes down to your personal choice depending on what best suits your needs. A TV that works for one person with macular degeneration may not work for the other. Everyone has a different preference for watching TV. Some prefer to hang it on the wall, while others prefer to put it on a table a little further away. However, many with macular degeneration prefer to keep it on a desk nearby. You should aim to find a TV which best suits your needs. Choosing one that offers a sharp image, more accessible controls, and a large screen will always give you a better viewing experience.

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